Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All shipshape and ready to sail!! (reading task)

In room 19 my group in reading Kiwi have been reading All shipshape and ready to sail. This was about getting ready to sail in a optimist dinghy and checking important things before sailing. Once we had read we than had a task to do. The task we had to do was to draw a optimist dinghy and label different parts of the boat. Also here is a little check list that you might need to check before sailing a optimist dinghy!

  • Is your Life jacket on and done up?
  • Remember to put the rudder blade down when you get going because it helps the boat to move.
  • Are the drains plugs in so the boat doesn't fill up with water.
  • Have you got the bailer tied in?
  • A last look at the weather.
Then you are ready to go!!

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