Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tagata Pasifika visit to our class

Today was a very special day because Tagata Pasifika was coming to our class to have a look at budgeting and what we think Christmas means to us.

It was a Onner to get choosen out of 24 other classes. As they film snippets of us, some were doing there gifted cards and some were doing there Christmas decorations to give as a present for there family members.

As they went around our classroom Osone Okesene the presenter came and sat next to to Tule and I. he told us that he was going to interview us about what we think Christmas and how important it is to us also budgeting like buying expensive gifts or making our own kind of gifts.

The interview went on and I got to say it was pretty unexpected. He asked questions that I kinda had to think about before answering it. I answered all of the questions but to admit some were pretty hard but at least I answered.

It was really great to have them in our class and hope we get another opportunity like this again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflection

Something amazing happened this year at Pt England school. Students from year 5 to 8 were given their very own netbook to use through out the year. We were also allowed to take it during the holidays. We started taking them in the middle of the year, but first we had to attend meetings with our parents and sign contracts.

The thing I like about our netbooks is that we don't need to use books and pencil to write or to use for any other subject. Also to save us mucking around every morning looking for stuff to use instead we can just take out our net books and use anytime.

I also like taking it home because normally with out the netbook I'll will be watching tv all the time. But now I'm just in the room finishing homework and work from school. Which is cool because I won't get lecture from my teacher if I don't finish of work.

But one of the things I dislike about it is that sometimes the internet can be slow or stop working. Which can be frustrating sometimes because you really want to finish off some work.

But overall after having it from the begging of the year I felt like that my learning has improve and that it was very easier way to help us in learning.