Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beach surf Education!!

“WOW! Mairangi Bay looks awesome” I said to my friend Rachael, she replied back and said “I know” “doesn’t it look cool”

Last week on Friday the year7 hop on a bus and was on there way down to Mairangi bay for a surf life Saving Education. We were learning about how to keep ourselfs safe in the water.

When we got there we were welcome by 3 lifeguard. There names were Rosie Relcow and and Megan . They were also wearing there lifeguard uniform.

The things that I have learn't thats imporant when you are at beach is to always swim between the flags and also don't go swimming when you are tired or cold. Also do not go swimming alone because something really cool might happen when you are alone and if you tell people they might not believe you.

Mairangi Bay was really cool I learn't alot about water safety and really hope we can go there some other time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our brand new netbooks! -My reflective!

YaY our own netbooks or actually our loan netbooks have finally arrived here at PtEngland school! I couldn't wait when I heard that we were going to get them!

One of the only problem's that I had was that the airport didn't work properly. But ,to fix it I clicked on the airport sign and clicked on Team5netbooks and reconnected to the airport. But, on the other hand the great thing about our loan Netbooks is that they are fun and AWESOME!! I love just typing away!