Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Netball star Casey Williams!

My favourite netball player is Casey Williams. She is an awesome player. Her position in netball is goal Keep and Goal Defence. She also plays for the Silver Ferns.

Casey Williams is a very good role model and a awesome team supporter. She is very talented and has her own passions in her sport. She also takes part in what she does.

One day I really like to meet her and tell her how awesome she is in netball. I also want to have her signature and a poster. You rock Casey Willams!


  1. hello my name is nicola and I am from Waikato Dio school for girls in New zealand and i think she is such a tatlented player!At school I am doing my school report on her at the moment.
    PS: I lkie the set out of your blog :)

  2. Hey vaha it is very nice to hear that your favourite netball star is CASEY WILLAM.Well my favourite netball star is Cathrine Latu your writing really hook me in so keep up the good work.

  3. hey its nicola again this is such a cool blog i have a blog but its on starting your own worm farm haha :)

  4. Hello Vaha , Helen here

    Nice writing you did about Casey Williams .
    and yes Casey is a very talented player
    hope you write more about your favourite players Vaha



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