Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tagata Pasifika visit to our class

Today was a very special day because Tagata Pasifika was coming to our class to have a look at budgeting and what we think Christmas means to us.

It was a Onner to get choosen out of 24 other classes. As they film snippets of us, some were doing there gifted cards and some were doing there Christmas decorations to give as a present for there family members.

As they went around our classroom Osone Okesene the presenter came and sat next to to Tule and I. he told us that he was going to interview us about what we think Christmas and how important it is to us also budgeting like buying expensive gifts or making our own kind of gifts.

The interview went on and I got to say it was pretty unexpected. He asked questions that I kinda had to think about before answering it. I answered all of the questions but to admit some were pretty hard but at least I answered.

It was really great to have them in our class and hope we get another opportunity like this again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflection

Something amazing happened this year at Pt England school. Students from year 5 to 8 were given their very own netbook to use through out the year. We were also allowed to take it during the holidays. We started taking them in the middle of the year, but first we had to attend meetings with our parents and sign contracts.

The thing I like about our netbooks is that we don't need to use books and pencil to write or to use for any other subject. Also to save us mucking around every morning looking for stuff to use instead we can just take out our net books and use anytime.

I also like taking it home because normally with out the netbook I'll will be watching tv all the time. But now I'm just in the room finishing homework and work from school. Which is cool because I won't get lecture from my teacher if I don't finish of work.

But one of the things I dislike about it is that sometimes the internet can be slow or stop working. Which can be frustrating sometimes because you really want to finish off some work.

But overall after having it from the begging of the year I felt like that my learning has improve and that it was very easier way to help us in learning.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What I have about Guy Fawks.

Here some 8 facts about Guy Fawkes That I have learnt.

1: The another name given for Guy Fawkes is Bonfire and it is celebrated on the 5th of November.

2: Beverly Pentland was the “fireworks lady” and was largely responsible for securing these measures.

3: The Gunpowder was made too kill James King I and too blow up House of Parliament.

4: The night changes in recent years from “hold ons” Like Family gatherings to supervised letting off Bonfires and around community events.

5: The things that make up fireworks are potassium nitrate, (saltpetre) or chlorate, surplur and charcoal. The minerals to make up the colours are: Mental salt added to produce colours, calcium, strontium, sodium, copper, barium, arsinic, antimony, powdered or flaked aluminum and magnesium.

6: Some of the restrictions was to sell fireworks/bonfires for 10 days before the 5th.

7: The first people to make the fireworks were the Chinese country china and they were made for special events like the opening of a new sport, and for national days.

8: The British people celebrated there new year eves a the begging of November with bonfires and feast

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What is Halloween?
I thought that Halloween was a American thing! I thought they only celebrate that kind of thing to be honest. Also I always hear rumours that Halloween is bad because u are celebrating Satins birthday, which I think is not true.

Yesterday was Halloween. But I didn't go Trick or Treating. I just stayed home like what some of my friends did. My younger brother went with some of his friends. They went trick or treating around our neighbourhood. When they came back they had arrived with no lollies because they had already eaten it when they were walking back home.

No one really came knocking on our doors. But I got to say I was kind of happy because we didn't really had any candy's because we weren't that organised. Also not that much people went trick or treating around our area.

I wished I went trick or treating to see how fun it is especially when you have to dress up in funky costume and go knocking on other people door saying "trick or treat"

Do you celebrate Halloween?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The most intence game ever

“OMG” Aron cruden has injured his leg during the RWC final game against France.

I was sitting in front of the TV watching the game if excitement hoping that the All Blacks will win! But I new they were going too based on the game score they had before. It was a very intense game. but the relief thing was that the All Blacks had scored the first points. Now was time for Piri Weepu to kick the penalty kick. Unfortunately he missed which was a abit of a disappointing.

I got to say it was a pretty close game and the score was 8-7. The mighty All blacks have won the RWC for 2011.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking skills

This morning Room 22 did a thinking task. We were spit into groups of 3 and the people that were in mine was Kaiden and Lepa and I. We also got given a problem and five objects. With those objects we had to use it to solve the problem.

The problem was; there was a leak in our tent and we had to use the objects which was: a light bulb, pair of glasses, spade, rock and can opener to solve the problem. To do this we tried to think logical and creative.

To solve this we used the one of the lends on the glasses to cover the hole and than we cut a bit of string of the tent and than tied it over the lends so it won' t fall of. But than we ended but having 3 hole with only one hole covered.

I got to say this was abit challenging but our group did not succeed but I can say I cant wait to do this again. Hopefully we will try and succeed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The last week of school

"Oww its the last week of school already!" and it has also been a fast term.

For the last week it has been busy week because Production is on and our teacher is incharge of it and alot of other things. So the people that are not in it has to be splited up to other classes all the time.

I am one of those people that are not in it so I'm always going to other classes. when we got split up we were told by the teacher that we could finish off any work that we've done in the last couple of weeks. I kind of liked it but at the same time I missed the old routine in the classroom like writing and and reading.

It has been busy busy week and getting moved around alot was abit