Friday, November 18, 2011

What I have about Guy Fawks.

Here some 8 facts about Guy Fawkes That I have learnt.

1: The another name given for Guy Fawkes is Bonfire and it is celebrated on the 5th of November.

2: Beverly Pentland was the “fireworks lady” and was largely responsible for securing these measures.

3: The Gunpowder was made too kill James King I and too blow up House of Parliament.

4: The night changes in recent years from “hold ons” Like Family gatherings to supervised letting off Bonfires and around community events.

5: The things that make up fireworks are potassium nitrate, (saltpetre) or chlorate, surplur and charcoal. The minerals to make up the colours are: Mental salt added to produce colours, calcium, strontium, sodium, copper, barium, arsinic, antimony, powdered or flaked aluminum and magnesium.

6: Some of the restrictions was to sell fireworks/bonfires for 10 days before the 5th.

7: The first people to make the fireworks were the Chinese country china and they were made for special events like the opening of a new sport, and for national days.

8: The British people celebrated there new year eves a the begging of November with bonfires and feast

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