Friday, November 18, 2011

What I have about Guy Fawks.

Here some 8 facts about Guy Fawkes That I have learnt.

1: The another name given for Guy Fawkes is Bonfire and it is celebrated on the 5th of November.

2: Beverly Pentland was the “fireworks lady” and was largely responsible for securing these measures.

3: The Gunpowder was made too kill James King I and too blow up House of Parliament.

4: The night changes in recent years from “hold ons” Like Family gatherings to supervised letting off Bonfires and around community events.

5: The things that make up fireworks are potassium nitrate, (saltpetre) or chlorate, surplur and charcoal. The minerals to make up the colours are: Mental salt added to produce colours, calcium, strontium, sodium, copper, barium, arsinic, antimony, powdered or flaked aluminum and magnesium.

6: Some of the restrictions was to sell fireworks/bonfires for 10 days before the 5th.

7: The first people to make the fireworks were the Chinese country china and they were made for special events like the opening of a new sport, and for national days.

8: The British people celebrated there new year eves a the begging of November with bonfires and feast

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What is Halloween?
I thought that Halloween was a American thing! I thought they only celebrate that kind of thing to be honest. Also I always hear rumours that Halloween is bad because u are celebrating Satins birthday, which I think is not true.

Yesterday was Halloween. But I didn't go Trick or Treating. I just stayed home like what some of my friends did. My younger brother went with some of his friends. They went trick or treating around our neighbourhood. When they came back they had arrived with no lollies because they had already eaten it when they were walking back home.

No one really came knocking on our doors. But I got to say I was kind of happy because we didn't really had any candy's because we weren't that organised. Also not that much people went trick or treating around our area.

I wished I went trick or treating to see how fun it is especially when you have to dress up in funky costume and go knocking on other people door saying "trick or treat"

Do you celebrate Halloween?