Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to make Fabulous felt.

In room22 the reading group that I am in is called Huia. We have been reading about fabulous felt. This book was about there experience of how to make fabulous felt. The task that our teacher had given us was to read the book again so we get a better understanding of how to make fabulous felt so that could we could create a storyboard that clearly explains in our own words of how to make fabulous felt.

Here the steps......

Friday, May 20, 2011


Imagine you are in a class, about to learn about geometry and you know nothing about it or even what it all about. Well You are in luck because room22 has has been learning all about geometry.

This term room22 has been learning all about geometry. Geometry is the study of size, shape and position of 2 dimensional shape and 3-D figures.

These last 2 weeks of geometry we did a whole lot of different activity. Some of the activity’s that were cool was drawing perfect circles using a compass and making tangrams. The activity that I mostly enjoyed was drawing perfect circles. I liked doing that activity because I love colouring.

I don’t really love geometry but when I did all the fun activity’s it made want to learn even more about geometry.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taonga time

Here is my taonga time teacher

Here is what we are learning how to use properly

Every Fridays for an hour and a half the year 7&8 has a special time called taonga time. If you don’t know what I mean by taonga time taonga is the Maori word for treasure. The reason why we have Taonga time so it gives students opportunity to learn new stuff of teachers passion. For example my teachers passion is ICT.

The group that I am in is with Mrs Tele’a and her passion is ICT. She is teaching us how to use Imovie 2011 properly and how to make our movie alot more interesting. The things that she has taught us already is how to make our audience watch some more of our movie by changing camera angles.

These last few weeks of taonga time has been fun. I enjoyed learning all about how to use Imovie 2011 and also about all the different ways of how you could film ( camera angles).

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Values DLO term one

Last term Ms Tito gave us a task. The task that we got given was to create a digital learning object that explains or present one of the Pt England values. The value that I have chosen to share is about hope. Here is a little silde show that I have created in picasa and that also explains what I think hop[e feels like sounds and looks like.

1st netball session

On Thursday the 5th room22 had there very first netball session with one of the netball helpers called Emma. We have it every Thursday after lunch from 2 o'clock to 2.40 at our school netball court outside the stuff room.

Our first netball session, we did a whole lot of dynamic stretches. We did bum flicks, high knees and also the grape vine. After learning all these dynamic stretches I can use them when I’m getting ready for my netball game or when I’m training.

To finsh of our session we had a good game of corner ball. Corner ball is smiliar to netball but instead of 7 players we split into two team of 16 players. Also to score a goal a player from each team had to jump into the corner that was surrounded by small cones and catch the ball. The game was fun and it also went well.

Our session went well and I also enjoyed it. I really can’t wait for our next session.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


In room22 we have been learning about creativity. Creativity is a thinking skill. It also the ability to create new things in life with also the different form of imagination. For example you could create new ideas be inspired and have that vision.

Our teacher Ms Tito gave us a task to be creative. We had to design our name and make it look creative. With my name I just took screen shot of intersting letters of the internet and put my name together.

Term 1 reflection

One of the things I was pleased with last term was my art. In my report I obtained 2 excellent for work habits and behaviour. I was shocked because I don’t like doing art and I’m also not good at art, but to see that I received 2 excellence comments It made me want to do more art.

The subject that I really want to improve on is my writing. In my report I gained a below expectation for academic progress. I felt disappointed but that made me want to improve more and not be distracted from my work.

Overall, I had a happy term1 and was also pleased with the result in my report.

These are my results for my DLO: