Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking skills

This morning Room 22 did a thinking task. We were spit into groups of 3 and the people that were in mine was Kaiden and Lepa and I. We also got given a problem and five objects. With those objects we had to use it to solve the problem.

The problem was; there was a leak in our tent and we had to use the objects which was: a light bulb, pair of glasses, spade, rock and can opener to solve the problem. To do this we tried to think logical and creative.

To solve this we used the one of the lends on the glasses to cover the hole and than we cut a bit of string of the tent and than tied it over the lends so it won' t fall of. But than we ended but having 3 hole with only one hole covered.

I got to say this was abit challenging but our group did not succeed but I can say I cant wait to do this again. Hopefully we will try and succeed.

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