Monday, March 29, 2010

Log joust at camp kindness2010!

Have you done log Joust before?

My favourite activity at camp Kindness was called the Log Joust. Log joust is a kind of activity that involves padded weapons. The kind of padded weapons we used were a shield and a bag with stuffing in it to try and knock them down.

The activity Log Joust was held at Pt England School at the bottom field. We had know idea that this was going to be at our school. Until we came down from technology it was all set up.

The person who was in charge of the Log Joust activity was Savannah. Savannah told us all the things that we needed to know. She also told us the rules for the activity.

The aim of the activity is to try and get the person down by hitting the person your versing. You have to use your padded weapons , and hit them on the lower body. There's only one important rule that you should know, when you hit, you can't hit the head because it will hurts and you will have no points.

One day you might want to experience Log Joust and see how awesome this activity is!

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  1. Hi Vaha I really enjoyed doing Log Joust too!Oh yea that just reminded me I actually really want them to come back but with the other activities like rock climbing and all sorts. HuH if only I had that job I could enjoy playing at my back yard.

    Well then Vaha I really look forward to some of your next posts!
    You go girl!!!!


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