Friday, June 11, 2010

The Legend of Mt Taranaki

How Active is Our earth?

This term we are learning about Active Earth. We were asked to retell the story about the Legend of Mt Taranaki. My group chose to do green screening because we thought it would be a great way to retell the story.

My team members were Mui, Tracey, Mauina Including myself. We worked well as a team. We also had different responsibility. Mauina and Mui did the voice-over and I gathered all the photo's and we all worked on editing the project.

I really enjoyed working on this project and I also loved working with my team. Our group was also pleased with the result that we had. YES! we had the top marks which was 23/25.

My assesment On my DLOMy Reflection!

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  1. Hey Vaha yes i was very proud of our team because we had the top mark.I also had fun making the movie
    and we were be best and in our group were only girls.Can't wait for more post.


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