Monday, September 5, 2011

New Zealand Champions

Has your school entered your Rugby 7s team in the NZ Aims tournament? Our school has. This was the first time ever that our rugby 7's team went down to represent our school. They had left on the 28th of August and stayed there for a week and had came back on a Friday evening.

Also they trained very hard and won all there 12 games which was awesome. But the best thing was that they came back with the winning cup and had took out the whole competition. They became the New Zealand Champions. I was so happy for them and they made us proud. We even had a special assembly to welcome them back.

I was so proud of them and happy that I go to this school so I can say that we are the champions.

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  1. Dear Llaivaha,

    I truly enjoyed reading your blog post! My school has not entered the NZ Aims tournament; I actually was unaware of what this event actually was until now. I think it is awesome that your school participated in this weeklong event! It is an amazing accomplishment to travel and win all 12 games and bring home the winning cup! I wish I could have been at the assembly to welcome back the New Zealand Champions! Has your school ever participated in any other events and has as much success as the Rugby 7s team?

    Hunter Hall


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