Thursday, June 16, 2011

The science roadshow

Last week on Thursday the 9th of June 2011 the year 7 & 8 walked down to Tamaki College for a science roadshow. This was meant to help us get a better understanding of our new topic for this term which is Bigger, Better, Faster and Stronger. There were lot of awesome exhibit to look at.

As I said before we were split into groups of six, I was also one the people that were leaders. The people that were in my group were Maree Michael, Rose and Ilalio. As we got there the leaders had to go and and choose a exhibit from the following area to report about. The exhibit that I chose to do was about Heat. One of the theme in the exhibit was about heat and colour and thats what my group chose to report about. The things that was included in this exhibit was that you had to push this button so that the lights turns and then you had to watch the sensitive panels and see what it does.

From this exhibit I found out that the light bounces of the colour that is heat sensitive. For example, Black grabs all the heat and nothing bounces off and colour says I grab some heat and bounce some off. Also I think that the science idea demonstrated that the different colour absorbs different amount of heat.

After studying the exhibit that we chose to report about, I decided then to go around and and experience some of the other science road show. My Favourite one was the Magic Hand. You had to Put your hand on one of the round theremin, then you had to move your hand around on the other round theremin and it will make a sound.

I really enjoyed the science roadshow and it also helped me get a better understanding of our topic. I also hope we get to do this kind of thing next year!

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  1. Vaha that is a cool story , that story sounds raelly fun and amazing I whis I could do that. But there is just one thing I don't undersand it is paragragh 2 did not make sense you said I was also one the people.


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