Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For the last two weeks during lunch times, the year 7 & 8 had swimming lessons, down at the Glen Innes YMCA pools. We would always walk because it wasn’t a long way to get there. Also the reason why we had swimming lessons is so that we know how to swim because the country that I live in is surrounded by water which is called New Zealand.

I didn’t go swimming because of some medical reasons. But I do know how important swimming lessons are. Swimming lessons are important because it helps builds your swimming skills and it’s also important for survival and emergency.

As I said before why I didn’t go swimming because of some medical reasons, but I still wanted to go swimming because every time I look at them swimming it looked fun and it also made want to go swimming next time we have swimming lessons.

I was a bit disappointed because I missed out all of the important swimming lessons. But there is still next time.

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