Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A awesome session of Badminton

As soon as the second bell rang room 22 was lined up outside getting ready to have a session of badminton. Our instructor was a lady called Laureen who was from the Auckland Badminton Club.

We did lots of different activies. The first activity was to learn how to control the shuttle by hitting it gently with the badminton racket, which kind of looked just like a tennis racket. It was really hard at first but when I got the hang of it, it was starting to be easy to handle.

Out of all the activies that we did my favourite one was trying to hit the shuttle into the bin, which was in the middle of the hall. We had to grab 5 shuttles each and take five steps back from the bin which also formed a circle. After that we all had to hit it in. This was also helping us how to serve.

The session was really fun I also learned how to do cool tricks like trying to hit it under your legs. I look forward for the next sessions.

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