Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 fun challenge

“Errrrrrrrr errrrrrrrrrr,” Mrs Nua pressed the button on the siren which was a sign for us to move on to another activity. What activity am I talking about you might ask? On Tuesday after Morning tea we had to get change into our PE gear because we were having a team 5 fun challenge down at the bottom field. Each teacher from team 5 had a activity ready for us.

The first activity was with my teacher. Her activity was that we had this long kind of sling shot that two people had to hold at each end. Then the whole class had to line up. When it is your turn you have to grab a ball and place it in the middle of the sling shot. After placing the ball you then have to try and aim it to land in one of the hula hoops that were place any where in the area that we were playing in. Also if a ball lands in one of the hula hoops you score points for your class and who ever has the most points gets to play water balloons after lunch time.

My Favourite activity was with Mrs Nua. We had to split into 4 groups and have two buckets each. One bucket of water at the front with a big lump of sponge in it and one at the back that was empty. After that we had to line up in between the two buckets. The front person has to try and soak the sponge and pass it to the person at the back and go over and side. Then the back person has to then run to the the bucket that was behind them and squeeze the sponge so that the water can come out. Also the bucket that has the most water wins.

I really had a fun day and was pretty excited for after lunch because my class won and we get to play water balloon fight. I am also hoping that we get more of these fun challenge during the year.

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